About us

The Association

Our mission at M Fetish Switzerland (MFS) is to create a vibrant and inclusive environment within our fetish communities. We believe that every individual within those communities deserves recognition, support, and the freedom to embrace their unique identity without fear of judgment. To achieve this, we organize events, competitions, and educational initiatives that champion the values of consent, safety, and individuality.

We strive to create an environment that thrives on diversity, empathy, and mutual respect, thereby contributing to a more inclusive and understanding society. Together, we work towards a future where every member of our evolving community can express their authentic selves and feel seen, heard, and embraced.

The Constitution

The constitution of the association is available on request.

The Team

  • Sebastian (Founder & President)
  • Oliver (Founder & Finance)
  • Markus (Auditor)
  • Molly (Artistic Director)