Partners + Sponsors

Sponsors of M(r|x|s) Fetish Switzerland 2024

Below you will find a list of the sponsors for M(r|x|s) Fetish Switzerland 2024. Donations may include contributions to the event organization, vouchers to support winners and runner ups with their outfits, their travel plans, or community activities. We are very grateful for your generosity!

Leather & Fetish Milano
Leathermen of Switzerland
Sally Bowles Berlin
Leathers Berlin

Sponsorship is a great opportunity to show your dedication to the project and reward the candidates for their commitment. Do you want to be featured as well? Please get in touch with us and let us know how you’d like to support the event and/or winner and runner ups. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Partners of M Fetish Switzerland

Leather Friends Italia
Leather & Fetish Milano
Leathermen of Switzerland
Swiss Rubbermen
Swiss Gay Fetish
Wuffel & Friends
XPERIENCE Swiss Fetish