Apply to become the M(r|x|s) Fetish Switzerland 2024!

You have a passion for what you do and you share it with your own community and others. You are not afraid to challenge yourself and explore new possibilities. You want to be part of something new and work together with us for an understanding within and across the communities, ensuring every voice is heard, valued, and respected. You are the perfect candidate for M(r|x|s) Fetish Switzerland 2024. This is your chance to showcase your dedication and personality to become a figure of unity. Don’t miss this opportunity to be the ambassador of our fetish communities and inspire others. Apply now and show us your potential!

To take part in the M(r|x|s) Fetish Switzerland 2024 selection, submit the following documents:

  • the completed (and signed!) application form
  • photographs for publication (include pictures with clearly visible face!)
  • a short bio and self-presentation, and a statement outlining your background and purpose in participating

Closing date for candidacy: 11 February 2024

Documents for download: