Candidates 2024

We are delighted to announce the five candidates who have made it to the final stage of the M(r|x|s) Switzerland 2024 election. We are confident that you will share our excitement once you meet them in person during the election weekend.

Candidates are listed in order of their names. The order does not imply any ranking or preference.


I’m 33, bisexual, cheerful, outgoing, and I like bringing people together. My hobbies are bouldering/climbing, motorcycling, skiing, video games, board games, miniatures and reading.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been fascinated by all kinds of fetish outfits – inspired by the shining knights in metal armor and sinister figures in dark leather that populate the realms of the fantasy stories and video games that I like so much. When I’m motorcycling in my leather suit, I feel like one of those knights, and when I put on my rubber suit to parties, I become one of those sinister, erotic figures. Growing up in the countryside and working outside, I also developed a worker gear fetish. Through my fetishes, I came in touch with the sensual world of BDSM, which helped me discover many things about myself and brought me many new friends.

Jonathan aka Sneaky

Attracted since my late teens by the sportswear/sneaker style, I have always liked seeing a man in this style of outfit, particularly tracksuits and Nikes TNs. I started to really appreciate this at parties where I had the chance to make new friends who introduced me to other fetishes such as leather or motocross clothing, which have now become part of my life. Finally, it allowed me to give birth to Sneaky who helps me develop my kinky side.

Sneaky has an important part in my fetish life, it allows me to really be me, it has helped me develop my extroverted side that I didn’t have before.

Koni aka Pup Portus

Hi, It’s me, Portus, and the Person under the hood is named Koni (Konrad). I’m 27 years old, so basically a newbie. As a Pup i soon will be 3 years old.

I started exploring fetish’s around 2016 with a few close people and had the opportunity to try out a bunch of stuff including Puppy play, but it was not until 2021, when i finally got my own hood, where the true beginning of this amazing journey started. I have also a few other interests in Fetish like Workwear, Rubber, Leather, Sneaker and boots.

I’m a cheeky pup who loves to sniff around Switzerland and Europe as often as possible to meet my old friends and making new ones.

As I’m working as a Chef, I have to work on some weekends as well. But i try to go to as many events anyways as I possibly can!  See u soon! AwOoO


I’m Maxime, a 30-year-old aficionado of all things adventurous and edgy – from tearing up the roads on my motorbike to donning hazmat gear for a bit of thrill.

You could say I’ve been immersed in this wild world since I was a little boy. Surprisingly enough, I even apprenticed as a chimney sweep once, embracing every opportunity to explore unconventional paths. When I’m not conquering new horizons or scaling rooftops, you can find me shredding the slopes on my snowboard or diving into the exhilarating realm of theater improv. Oh, and let’s not forget my passion for music – whether it’s strumming on a guitar or belting out tunes, I’m always in my element. But what truly fuels my soul is the joy of connecting with people from all walks of life, traversing the globe to forge meaningful connections. To me, there’s no greater treasure than the bonds we share with those we love, and I’m forever on the lookout for new companions to share in life’s adventures.

As the saying goes, ‘Together we stand, divided we fall’ – a motto I live by, reminding me of the strength we find in unity and camaraderie. So, here’s to embracing the journey together!

Peter aka Zeddy

I’m Peter, Zed or Zeddy. I am 32 years old, grew up near Thun and live now in Basel.

The title of M(r|x|s) Fetish Switzerland includes all fetishes and that’s exactly why I want to compete: what I like is the freedom to express and represent the different fetish worlds. I am proud to be a Rubberman, a Leatherman and a Puppy. I want to highlight and combine the rich and fascinating history of the leather motorcycle clubs, the unrestricted and slippery (pun intended) rubber Community and last but not least, the inclusive and open puppy group.

My main goal is to create a common ground where all the amazing sides of our Community can interact and join the forces to shine together.