Jury 2024

We are delighted to announce the five jury members who will be giving our five final candidates in the final round of the M(r|x|s) Switzerland 2024 election a good hard look. The task is not easy, as all candidates will do their best to win the title.

Judges are listed in order of their names.

Alain aka Kawii

My name is Kawii, and I was elected the first Puppy Switzerland in 2018.

I want to bring people closer to Pupplay, the topic includes many facets, does not necessarily have to include fetish, and also many of the circulating prejudices are not true.

I always have an open ear and always talk openly about this topic, whether at work, privately or otherwise. Even my parents have known since 2006 that I am a puppy.

Education is an important topic, which is one of the reasons why I run my own project with my friends called Wuffel & Freunde.


My name is Hector and I’m 52 years old, a born Brit and raised in Basel. Switzerland. I am a proud Promoter of the Leathermen of Switzerland and I’m into leather, rubber and sportswear (especially Adidas). I like to travel to different locations and love spending my weekends in the mountains of Switzerland.

Sebastian – President of M Fetish Switzerland

Sebastian is co-founder of the M Fetish Switzerland and the president of the association. He is also co-founder and president of the Leathermen of Switzerland.

Inspired by sandal films as a young boy, his passion for leather has become an essential part of his life. He is also co-creator of his gear and expresses his passion in this way.

Thomas aka Jimmy

Pup Jimmy was born on 16.12.2017. Since then, he has been making the puppy world in Switzerland and all over Europe unsafe. The Miniature Schnauzer is a social puppy who enjoys attending events all over Europe. In 2023 he became 2nd Runner Up at the European Puppy Contest in Antwerp. He is also very active in Switzerland. He is co-organizer of the Berner Meet&Bark and initiated the Swiss Puppy Games in 2023.

In addition to traveling, Jimmy can also be found a lot in the Swiss countryside. Be it hiking or on his mountain bike. By the way, Jimmy got his name from Jim Beam whisky, as he is a passionate whisky lover.


Enjoying and establishing meaningful and positive connections with people across borders of countries and fetishes. And trying to make the fetish scene and the world a better place one smile and one hug at a time 😉🤗.